my beautiful mother

hi, ive been lurking on this board for years and its been very inspiring for me. im a nineteen year old boy with an Eurasian mother (grandpa was European, grandma was East Asian). i remember being 14 and first finding out about chikan porn and encoxada category videos on various porn sites- random google searching steered me to this board

my mother is only 44- she had me at a very young age. she has an elegant face, although she is starting to wrinkle a little bit because her work is very stressful. she was an absolute bombshell as a young woman- my dad was a very lucky man. she is 177cm tall (5'9 i think?), and has thick dark, brown hair varyingly tied into a ponytail or just let loose. her legs are quite long in scale with her body (something i inherited), although they are also quite fat naturally- when i was a kid and she was really skinny, her legs and thighs were also proportionally big. it might be hard to tell from the image. her ass is considerably big- when she is lying sideface on the bed, the height of her ass from cheek to cheek is 2.5x my waist. her skin is smoother than some girls in my age group. in the past two years she has gained some weight. she played tennis and won championships for her university when she was young- she still exercises sometimes.

apart from frotteurism/chikan etc im a huge fan of everything to do with the female ass. i think i can retrace this fetish back to my mum. when i was 5-8 years old, i often shared a bed with my parents because i was scared of the dark. before sleeping id rest my butt against my mums because it felt ticklish in a nice way.

im not sure when i got into porn but it was sometime around 10-11. i randomly google searched ideas that aroused me like 'rubbing on bum' and found chikan porn, which immensely aroused me. at the time i was a dumb kid without much idea of sexuality and blatantly tried the idea on my mum- sometimes when she was cooking, vacuuming or had her bum bent backward in some other way, i would randomly dry hump it. she either didnt feel my small, stiff dick or didnt care very much and thought it was normal for a kid to have an oedipus complex (she did psych for her undergrad)

at 12 i enrolled in an all guys school, so the only women i had in my life were my mum and our neighbours' daughters. we went on vacation with a few of our neighbours and family friends when i was 13. while the adults were at one table chatting, all the kids huddled in one small bed to watch one of the older boys play a game on his laptop. i remember avariciously dry humping two specific girls- one aged 7-9, and the other 10-11- i tried another 2 girls but they responded, wheras the former two were dumb.

my mum's line of work is corporate and she wanted me to get some work/world experience early so she let me intern for her whenever she went on trips- id follow her and we would share beds in hotels. the first time this happened i was 15- she was sound asleep, and it was the first time since i was 10-11 that i dry humped her in bed.

at 16 i found out she sometimes drank alcohol or took sleeping pills to help her sleep. this boosted my confidence. once dad was overseas for work for a while and mum wanted me to sleep with her so we could chat. this was the first time my naked dick was creviced between her asscrack- i could feel the warmth of her cheeks on the tip of my dick. although i knew her sleep was assissted by alcohol/medicine, after less than 20 secs of my dick touching her asshole between her panties i got superstitious and scared, ran to the toilet and jerked off.

frequentyl throughout my 16th and 17th year dad would be away for weeks and id often sleep with mum to chat with her before bed. however, i never got the guts then to bury my naked dick in her ass- i mostly just waited until she was asleep before some light dry humping and failed butt sniffing (i didnt manage to get my nose very close to her ass, so there was no stench as i hoped)

last year, when i was 18, was a big change. my parents divorced after dad cheated (still can't believe why he would cheat on a goddess like mum) and my mum's alcoholism developed as well as her need to use sleeping pills. however, until september was largely the same sort of light dry humping/failed butt sniffing and masturbating in the toilet after getting out of bed. i was too scared to change anything new until september when i dumbly tried nofap and got super horny in bed, when i took out my bare dick like the time i was 16 and pressed it firmly between her asscheeks- that time, i came hard with my balls tingling like crazy and my cockhead between her creased pyjama pants. it took a few minutes and my phone's flashlight against her ass beneath the quilt to make sure the cum was mostly clean for my paranoid mind. at this point i also started sniffing her unwashed panties, and sometimes took them with me in bed when i dry humped her, so i would have both a bodily feeling and an olfactory feeling.

this year, for a few months, my mum got a new boyfriend who i was immensely jealous and mad at because i had to sleep by myself again and the cunt piece of shit got to fuck my mum a few times. i started making up some believable lies to my mum about how he mistreated me, and she dumped him in october. a few days ago i had achieved a huge milestone- she was passed out black, and i had the guts to take off her pyjamas and panties to sniff her bare ass. the smell was like her panties come to life- i masturbated while sniffing to the strongest load ive ever had. sometime i hope for the tip of my dick to have penetrative contract with her anus but i think even that would wake up the alcoholic my mum is

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