Women are hoes


Ahh yes, women are hoes. But they are sweet hoes. And we have no alternative. People have been trying to contain their hoe-ness since the beginning and you have societies like Afganistan. In that society, women are barred from public view and the straight chikaans are humping boys - its called the prison effect. The other extreme is women dominated societies, where women mate with whoever and whenever they want (google it up).Women have children from many men, but the men don't really control anything, and the boys in this society never become men, only adult boys. Feminism is causing the USA to head in this direction. If only there was a middle ground between these extremes. If i ever marry, i'm marrying a woman from culture where they are submissive, know how to cook, and will support their man no matter what, not slap him. I like blondes, but from the sounds of it Nordic women are out, Americans of all colors are off my list, and i don't know much of Eastern Europe. Next alternative is moving to Thailand or the Phillipines. Women there are still hung up over whitey. So might as well take advantage. But for now i will stick with my sweet hoe. I picked her up in the train after frotting on her. I don't want to think about other guys frotting on her and her enjoying it. Yuck. But i know it could happen.

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