Arm Humper Must Step Down!

So if it doesn't mean shit, then renounce your membership then! Renounce the very membership that you don't deserve anyway in favor of your "REAL world accomplishments"! LOL!

The basis for admission was to recognize those individuals who had written the best chikan stories. By your own words, that's not you! Since you poo poo the whole notion of it all, then tell Ayashi . . . tell us ALL . . . tell us that you no longer desire membership in the HOF and are stepping down. We're waiting!

Also, while I'm at it, I don't give a flyin' fuck what you think of my award-winning stories. If I write a story you criticize it as fake. BOY I've fucked more hot girls in the ass than you will get even pussy! And I'm talking over the course of your ENTIRE lifetime! And if I don't produce a story, then you criticize me for not writing any stories. I earned my stripes a long time ago and got NOTHING to prove to anybody, and especially the likes of you!

Why don't you try getting a REAL piece of ass for a change?! Or at least grope to get some tits and ass versus rubbin' off on an ugly chicks' shoulders! SMDH you pathetic LOSER! All Arm Humper wants for Christmas is to rub off on the shoulder of a PRETTY chick for a change LOLOLOL!!! Just plain pathetic! Now I'm done fuckin' with ya until 2019!

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