Attractive is subjective


There are no beauty standards for men nowadays. All my life the shorter and uglier guys I've known have never been lonely. Don't go looking for a gf, look for a friend, and don't neglect you. Work on your career and passions, whatever they are. Building yourself will build your confidence, and like i keep saying, girls have a 6th sense. They will smell your confidence and they won't resist. If you build it (your confidence) they will come. Life is what you make of it, and how you perceive yourself determines what you can achieve. I'm saying this after pretty much failing at everything and giving up. Then when i hit bottom, i stopped caring about stupid things and people, worked on me, careerwise and in health. Like the nutty professor, i lost like 100 pounds, and was full of confidence, and probably full of testosterone, and things changed. Lastly, in contrast to what everyone believes, a man's most powerful organ is his mouth, not his dick and its size. That vagina can push through a baby and no dick is bigger than that. Be confident, and fill them women up with words. Sometimes flattery works, sometimes just being yourself works. Try different things. If you fail, don't worry, its a learning opportunity. Sometimes you have to do it wrong a few times before learn how to do it right. Even this chikan stuff. But don't give up.....on you!

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