The Brief Story of my Frotteurism Career

I first boarded the frotteurism bus, so to speak, about 40 years ago, when I groped the backside of a white girl who was sitting in front of me in French class. The ride on the frotteurism vehicle became more interesting four years later, when I humped my first woman to orgasm. She was a full grown woman, while I was an underage schoolboy taking public transport to school. I came against her backside, but I soon began practising arm humping as well. For the next few years I was a part time frotteur.
The journey on the bus of frotteurism speeder up 22 years back, when I became a professional frotteur. Since then I have averaged one successful adventure a week every week over that span of two decades giving a total of a little over 1500 successful events. For me, an adventure is successful if I arrive at an orgasm with a willing woman. And I keep written records of what I do, so when I say I have humped 1500 women, I am not guessing or just pulling an inflated number out of the air.
Four decades after I got on the frotteurism bus, I am still on board, enjoying the journey rubbing against a new generation of females passengers, and hoping to continue the trip for at least another ten years.

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