Macys Parade

I had a blast the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Second time at a parade, and the dynamics of such an event numerous opportunities and advantages over my regular subway domain. There were thousands and thousands of people. Unbelievable. The animal in me, which was sleeping for 10 years, awoke, and i was on Chikan autopilot, grabbing, feeling, dicking, all kinds of women. Locals, like me, usually avoid this event; it was my first time. I knew i wouldn't run into anyone. As soon as I got to a good viewing location, i made sure to be behind a tall light skinned Latin girl who with a guy. It was freezing, but she had a small jacket fully unveiling her nice plump, but smallish and shapely bittom. I planted myself just where i could grow into place. She felt me and looked annoyed, but didn't do anything. As the floats and balloons came by, the excitement level rose, and did my member. I just pushed in...oh it was so luxurious. And I pushed and pushed as someone was pushing me. I don't know if she was game, but she just took it quietly. She said something in like Russian to the guy. I thought she complained, but no, it was about the balloon. So I kept at it till i was done.Just before i exploded, i felt her body lean back onto mine. Oh that nice soft and nice body felt good. I quickly left the scene to recharge at a coffee shop. While in there, I couldn't help notice the diversity of stunning women. I realized then everyone here was a tourist. I realized long ago tourists, especially womens groups, come to nyc to get knocked up. The coffee shop was super crowded. I made sure to test the firmness every female ass along the way to the door. I found more good viewing and groping positions all morning. I did hump a few more, but didn't come again. I had so much fun with international pussy everywhere. I found a group of aussie girls and started talking to them. I asked them literally if I could fuck them. haha, didn't work. But I told them i was bold because family had passed away (a lie) and i was alone for the holidays, and needed love. Didn't work, just got a lot of giggles. Then i asked how about just a long hug to warm me up? That i got from all 5 of them. I got a boner and each felt it laughed, and jumped back. Except the 4th one. She pushed on it a minute or two to size me up. they then left me. If i had 4 buddies, we might have had something. I did more stuff, but my thumb is tired.

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