15 years old and other news

I'm guessing she was 15, but she was with her father.She could have been less because girls grow up faster nowadays! I didn't enjoy this and I'm full of guilt.

Now on be better news. I found myself on a crowded train today, and happened to be behind a brunette. She was totally into it, moving her ass side to side and up and down, working on my dick. Next, something really strange happened. She turned around, and made eye contact. Then she spoke! What? They never speak, but she smiled, and asked me for my phone. I felt like i was either getting her number or getting setup. Fortunately, she entered her contact info, asked me to call her tomorrow, and soon left at the next stop. Say what? This has never happened before. I thought the rules were people just frot and never speak. I guess she had the holiday blues like me and made a connection. I don't know. I couldn't wait so i called her today. Had a long conversation. We got plans for the weekend. I don't know it feels like I'll have a new girlfriend, at least through the holidays.

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