Re Max Mond/Body Builderchikan

Firstly Max Mond go easy on yourself, shit happens and if it was an accident then fine, and at 15 she is not a kid, girls are developing much faster these days just go on omegle or chatroulette there are bucket loads of teens on there trying to get a look at cock, over here they are having sex at that age legally so dude, lighten up, I target that age and older and to be honest they have been some of the best flashes I have had, when they see their first cock and a black one too? they will never forget it.

Color makes a difference of course it does, just like being well groomed and smelling nice, I have toyed with that a little sometimes when I go out, mostly I am well groomed and smell nice, but sometimes I will wear older jogging pants and rather worn jacket, when I do that girls are almost immediately suspicious, as apposed to when I dress in new pants trainers and jacket, I like to test that sometimes and that is still the way it is.

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