women hitting on me


I think I'm mostly a nice guy with a baby face on a 6'3" body. Women like tall men. I can only attract women when i'm dressed for work.I got zero frots of any kind with casual clothes. I'm the only white guy at the beginning of my train ride and Latin girls are attracted to my look, not necessarily me. Several blonde girls told me they like my skin smell, if you can believe that. When i was 14 or under i was very small and was told by women i looked like a baby, or was adorable. Hated that. Some would pinch my cheeks. One friend of my Mom was crazy about my hair, and my eye color. She would kiss me on the cheeks and give long hugs. And I'd get instant boners when her chest was in my face. i'd put my hands in my pocket to hide my boner and stand still. Another friend of hers would run her fingers through my hair, which gave me a boner, and sometimes blow in my ear too, which was a light switch for boner. Every time i'd be trying to hide it one way or another so i don't get in trouble for being a pervert. Now I'm wondering who was the pervert. Shit! I was molested and didn't even know till right now, when armhumper got me thinking about my tween days.

But school girls and OPP (other peoples pussy) is off limits. I had to drop a friend whose wife wouldn't stop touching me. I might have posted that here once. Ah memory lane.

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