School girl (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

Never made it London. But i got on a train today with a boner under my coat. Disappointed from the London trip cancellation,I was expecting anything. A young girl with her father got on and the train was getting filled up due to delays ahead. This little girl, maybe 15 or less, just stared and stared at where my bulge should be, but its impossible to see anything under my coat. They have a 6th sense.She knew it was there and stared at it for a long time. I could almost feel her eyes. But young kids are not for me. But at the very next station she gets away from her father, lands her body into me. My boner is now just under her young breasts. I don't want this, and disgusting me. But I couldn't get away because i was pinned against the door. It have mixed feelings about this. It felt different and pleasant, but I don't touch kids. I tried to hold my breath to bring down my erection. But she was clinging to me, and would occasionally move side to side slowly to keep me erect. I would have gotten off the next station, but i would be late. So i endured this till i got to my stop. Brothers, i am disgusted. I am going to need an adult woman on the way home to feel good again.

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