Re: @ faith in chaos in re: ARM HUMPER RAPIST

He doesn't "date" his "partners"! Are you serious? You obviously haven't been around enough and read enough to know this guy's history! Anybody with any sense has to question whether he has even had sex with a woman, let alone an attractive one! He has many, many stalking, rapist-like tendencies and behaviors. Cutting out articles from the paper and keeping a "scrap book" of his "victims" (not "partners") like a serial rapist!

And no wonder all of the women he rubs against are ugly as sin(just go back and look at the pictures of the "black blobs" he himself posted!). After all, it is established that rape is about power and control, and not about having sex with attractive women.

So, he fulfills his rape fantasies by rubbing on the shoulders (SMDH!) on ugly women who he calculates will not protest against his brutish, cowardly assaults upon their bodies. He has not the cajones to try such a thing with attractive women, who would rip his nuts off and staple them smack dab center in the middle of his forehead!!!

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