Had a very interesting recent encounter where my ‘player’ lept to my defence!

I had this attractive blonde in leggings that barely contained a donkey ass. I got on the public transport and we were actually face to face at first. I had my boner pointed right in between her thighs and I could feel myself pressing into her right on her triangle. She was giggling with the woman she was with and I was zoned out if the convo, but I’m sure they’re making remarks about us two as there’s no doubt she can feel it.

There’s a shuffle to let people off after a while, and I end up with her hip (and a bit of ass) snack back in between my legs and still not reaction. I also have my left hand right on one of her soft, soft cheeks while she does nothing but continue talking.

At this point, a guy on my left tried telling me to move over, that I’m ‘crushing hin’. She immediately, without hesitation, says ‘move where!’. Angrily leaping to my defence, while mocking him to her friend. Best believe I just started running my boner all over her while she showed no disapproval. When coming off she looked me over likely looking for the bulge between my legs and then smiled at me.

Man, I think that’s a first for me, having a woman defend me being so close to her, - when there actually was space to move lol

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