Re Max Mond

Look Success during groping or ass humping is almost completely dependent on where you live and the make up of that particular demographic, I am up in Scandinavia and I can tell you based on my years of experience humping, flashing and groping that that is the case, when I try groping up here it is very difficult to almost impossible, the reason is the girls up here are much more confident, very aware of their bodies and because society is much more equal they just don't put up with it, the countries where chikans have a lot of success are those where the girls are lower in terms of equality like south america or Asia or the US where the girls are so stupid they let a lot of things happen and say nothing, the UK where I am from are very similar too, if a girl has low self worth they will be easier to manipulate
however you want, that may be hard for some to accept but its a fact

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