I’m from a modern metropolitan city in South East Asia. The modes of transport are by subway and the public bus. Both of which are packed during the morning and evening rush hour. The racial demographic here is mostly Chinese, Malays, Indians and expats who consist of Caucasians, NRIs, Filipinos, etc. My targets are usually slim to slightly curvy Chinese women, who have that nice bubble butt. I’m not sure why but Chinese women seem more receptive to being groped than other races. I myself am Indian and of average looks so I think it’s as much a thrill for the women who get chikaned as it is for me. Forbidden fruit and all.

Most of my encounters have been with the back hand to ass. And maybe chikanneers have heightened perception? I seem to know” of who will be willing and who won’t. And mostly it’s the innocent looking ones.

Today I had quite a positive experience. The train was crowded as usual and I was holding my back pack by the top loop, in front of me, with both hands. A Chinese husband and wife boarded and I immidiately noticed the wife checking me out as she stepped into the train, even though it was the briefest of glances. They stood facing each other, with the wife’s back to me. She was slim, in her mid 20s, and was wearing an office pants suit and blouse.

Initially I didn’t even think about chikanning, untill the train braked hard and the wife jerked back, ass to my hand. Surprisingly she didn’t look back or move forward but remained still. My back hand was pressed again her ass crack, I’m sure she felt the warmth and pressure of my hand yet she barely flinched. I used the crowd to my advantage, making sure nobody could see my hands and the fact that people these days are glued to their phones they’re oblivious to their surroundings. She had quite a firm and pert butt.

I grew bolder and used my thumb and index finger to trace her ass crack and softly caress her ass cheeks. Still no reaction, she was deeply in conversation with her husband. This went on for at least 20 mins before she alighted. I was rock hard and close to cumming.

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