willing women


Women like dick, back of hand to ass, back of their hand to your dick, their forearm to dick. If you are sitting, sometimes they fall asleep on you, or she may rub her leg and thigh on you. Also sitting you can get away with rubbing parts of your arm on her breasts. But ass grab, palming ass is not welcome. Even with regulars, they jump if I grab the ass. One regular lets me feel her whole body with my triceps, forearms, even lets me feel her pussy over pants with the back of my hand. if i try the front of my hand, she moves away. And i have not been able to palm her ass, and she won't let me hump her ass, even after so many years. Women in NY are empowered and you shouldn't risk forcing them. You will be in trouble fast. All subway riders in nyc are exposed to chikaning, so they know what you are doing. Most don't like it but many do like it! They will recognize you and know what you want. They have a 6th sense.

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