aggressive women

@guest @armhumper

Women are just as perverted as men. They are just more selective then us with whom they want to be perverted with. All sweet "innocent" girls are wild at spring break. When they're older they go on sex trips to the Caribbean and Africa. And they have no guilt. In marriages nowadays, there are equal number of women cheaters as men. How many of you have humped one who was with her man? All of us. I would never be a Chikan if I wasn't (joyfully) harrassed that summer. Also that year, some "old" (not really old) tried to pick me up on the subway on my home from school. My voice hadn't changed and she looked much bugger than me, so I escaped. As an adult, i had forgotten all this. But one innocent morning i boarded a train, and a girl (not a woman) backed her ass into. I was pinned against the door and couldn't move. To my shock, and later pleasure, she started grinding on me. Another girl to my watching all this, decided to rub her breasts on my shoulder. That was the beginning of my adult phase. But it does all go back that one summer job at the community college.

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