Rock out with your cock out!

Just had a rock concert a few days ago, went pretty well. I was with a group of friends, so I had to find an excuse to break away. Later in the night a mosh pit opened up during one of the cover bands performances. I was stationed on the edge of the circle behind a girl that was rocking out and flailing about. Like a Viper waiting for its prey to make a mistake I waited for someone in the pit to get extra rowdy and wind up shoving her backwards.

After a couple of guys were running around the circle pit, this one big dude shoved her by mistake on one of his rounds and she landed back on my dick. She was this tall, thin punk girl that wasn't the best looking, but had a nice tight little ass. Being the first girl I groped that night she was my warm-up girl. I continued to grope her on and off until the mosh pit was over.

The next girl I had the pleasure of groping was a player (been getting lucky with those recently I've noticed). This cute brunette in a white tank top and jeans. Guess she was white girl wasted off of her beer, which she guzzled down quickly. Lately I haven't had the patience to start off slow with a slight hand touch on the ass, going straight to cock groping. Since this was a hardcore metal concert with mosh pits I could afford to be more aggressive.

Getting back to this girl, after poking her a few times, she stopped dancing and put her hands down and gave a side glance. It wasn't a side glance that signified she was a player, more like a look of cautiousness. But soon after she was shaking her ass side to side on my dick, giving me full service! My dick felt like a windshield wiper on her cheeks with each motion. Her back was even arched out to give me better access to her ass. She later began slowly grinding on my dick in circular motions. I would have cum on her, but I like a variety of asses during the night and had lost her in a mosh pit while eyeing my next target.

This next woman was this blonde MILF in leggings about a size too tight for her with an ass as wide as a pillow. You could tell she was trying to relive her younger years. Another mosh pit opened up and she was bracing herself with her arms forward at the edge of the pit. I worked my way behind her and she was swaying her ass back and forth. She had a great ass, perfect firmness and size. I enjoyed her until the pit settled again, since she got spooked after realizing what was happening and moved up further in the crowd.

Last girl was a blonde in leggings with a nice booty. Didn't even realize she was with her boyfriend until I saw the guy next to her put his arm around her and start talking to her. I was already groping her for a while, the concert was getting late and I needed to nut before the night was over. I lightly groped her until her bf removed his arm from around her waist and finished with a load on her hoodie. All in all, was a good night, and a good nut!

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