Man, the woman I recently had. This short Asian woman with a phat booty in these thin thin pants.

The moment I put my boner in her crack she pushed back, right on the head. Her crack was just massaging my dong all over the place. Left right, up down. The reason I’m saying this story is because she then started MOANING. And LOUD. It was loud enough that her friend in the phone asked her is she all right lmfao. I know she asked it because my player said yeah I’m ok.

It was that mmm kinda moan. You know that feeling when your cock is so in the crack and she moves her ass so your cock just moves with it. She would moan when she pressed it hard into me or I throbbed in between her cheeks. Only moshed about 3 times but it was so sexy. When the transport got to a stop where people spaced out she still tried to leave that ass on me but I had to get off, don’t know who’s watching.

But man, I hope I see her again

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