Re: Questions for placeborules


yeah dude! I love taking my cock out and rubbing it on babe's asses. I've never cummed (and probably never will) on the subway (once a teenage babe jerked me off in a bus to completion. Dude it was AWESOME! once in a lifetime experience I guess...) because it's extremely dangerous. You are almost in a mouse trap, if the woman notices the cum (or someone else does) then you're in a HUGE problem, they can even pull the emergency lever in the train and then you're FUCKED! You'll end up arrested.

But that is only on the subway or generally speaking public transportation. I LOVE cumming on bitches at concerts. I've done it 25 times and counting. There is an additional "visual orgasm" when you've ejaculated and see their asses covered in your cum! This week I have 2 festivals, so at least 2 cumshots while chikaning!


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