FLEXING FINGERS (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)

I tell ya, women can be very sneaky/nasty in a discreet way. Never knew I could go this far. Lol u guys know here that to be a very successful chikan u must always go the length u can to maximize your pleasure as much as possible. I have a super thin black pants I wear with out any form of underwear when going out in the evening and to maximize pleasure I had to cut a hole on the side of the trouser were I can bring out my bare dick for the taking when I'm in a bus sitting close to a lady. I always bring out my bare dick through this hole to poke them on their laps and sides and I always have a nasty nut everyday doing this in the bus.

Now to the main story,one evening at about 7pm I got in to a bus and sat close to a very attractive lady, what I noticed about her was that she had very lovely long fingers and nails lol I started imagining what those fingers can do if only a tip of it Should touch my bare dick! So I deviced a plan lol she had put her hands on the sit(her hands kinda separating us , so I brought out my bare dick stylishly through the hole in my pants and placed it on her fingers which were on the sit!!! My goodness when I did this I nearly went mad with excitement because it was bare dick to bare fingers lol... I started precuming and u won't believe it this lady left her hands right there "my goodness" I was licking precum like hell and it was all on her laid down fingers. To show u how nasty this lady was she began flexing her fingers more like lifting my bare dick up and down(kinda checking it's weight) this was were I lost it and began shooting and jerking right there!!! The funny thing was that as I started jerking she immediately withdrew her hands(although lots of precum juice were on her fingers) at that moment she was looking at my bare dick with awe as I kept on jerking and jerking cum on our sit. Lol the ones that were on her finger she wiped on the sit in front of us lol..........I still go crazy thinking about how that shit went down!



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