I’ve actually recently gotten into bulge flashing Lmao. I never used to know why guys liked doing it but I’ve found it very exhilarating. That smile women give you when they see it bouncing in your shorts/joggers. The ones that get all ‘wide eyed’ - I had one woman sitting opposite me in the train literally get that ‘deer in headlights’ look her eyes went so wide they should have burst LOL. The woman to her right just had her eyes glued between my legs.

There’s also the ones who can’t even contain them selves - the ones who say ‘oh my God’, Ive her getting that recently Lmao but luckily this is just while walking past, that would be too much attention on transport. Just the other day, one was coming off a bus and showed her pace of walking, said ‘wow’ really loudly and then walked on.

It also can lead to chikan. I was boarding transport and one noticed my bulge and couldn’t take her eyes off. As she saw me move behind her, she looked out the corner of her eye to me (well sort of) and then backed that ass into me. I thought it was accidental (meaning I was just grinding her as normal not thinking she was a player), but her ass kept smacking into me hard. Every shift of the transport and that booty would come smacking into my dick.

When the transport thinned out over a while, she then said ‘sorry’ while moving into the now empty carriage - OH NOW you’re aware I’m behind you? But NOT all that while your ass came smacking into my boner? Lmao

And I swear, when somebody started talking to her (all this time she hadn’t spoken to this guy so I never even knew she was with someone), she was so flustered. Her face was slightly pink, she was running her hands through her hair, she kept taking deep breaths while talking. She was clearly turned on by this dick that was all in the crack of her thin jeggings.

Moral of the story is bulge flash - it gets you more players in this chikan game. This is only one of these kind of encounters I’ve been experiencing.

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