Re Mohammed

Look dude, I am not sure if you're a troll or not, but if you're not then you're asking to get caught, this whole chikan game is about discretion...not being blatant, the world is changing the way it sees us perverts, more women are reporting crimes the media is reporting stories all the time and you're approach is nothing short of barbaric, I am all for groping up skirting and cuming on girls, but the way you do what you do is wrong, and answering your question, no my technique is all about discretion,. if I walk through a crowd, my cock will be out and I will brush it against hands arses thighs anything female, I WONT draw attention to my actions simply because there are always cctv or plain clothes cops around at festivals, let me put it this way, I have successfully flashed several girls separately under the noses of plain clothed cops through the years both in London and here in Scandinavia...that is discretion!

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