Re: Narflarf

Enjoyed that story, however short it was. I know that feeling that you can get when you're short on time but full of cum! I have one memorable experience that your story brought to mind.
I was at a hotspot back in the day at a major airport on the west coast. It was usually a sure-thing when it came to gettin a nutt, but this day was difficult. My timing was off and I kept missing the opportunities as they came and went because of crowd dynamics. Finally thecrowds we're getting thin, but I'm worked-up from all the attempts that failed. I finally see an Indian family: the father, a son and two girls, and mom. One daughter was too young, but the older girl was perfect: she was wearing a really short dress, and luckily for me she was on the far end where I had access to her. I hurried and got into position, but there wasn't really a reason for me to be so close. I'd tested the waters and her reaction was perfect: she was annoyed, but seemed to not want to make a scene so kept quiet. Her dad looked back a few times, but then got preoccupied with finding incoming relatives from an international flight. I jumped at the chance to crush this fine morsel against the barrier. I had no cover whatsoever, but since she didn't protest, dad wasn't watching, and the looney-loos were so nonchalantly watching, I did my thing. I had on the thinnest shorts you can imagine and no underwear. My dick was throbbing against her thigh, and she knew it! Within 2 minutes of this I busted a nasty load-it shot through the thin material of my shorts and onto her bare thigh. She jumped a little, enough to startle her little sister, who couldn't have guessed what was happening. I grinder as hard as I could as soon as the little sister turned away- I had her sisters body pinned against the railing until I was done cumming. As soon as I finished I turned to walk away and I saw her reach down to survey what I had done. I was sweating it was so damn good! I didn't care what happened once I go her because I was late getting home so I had to get back to my car, change my shorts, and drive home. I had explaining to do as to why I was so late, but I came up with something that worked. Yummy!

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