Fappy Halloween

Of course I'll tell a story (and a short video on xhamster later) about my Halloween. I went to a party hoping to test out my new camera and grope some hot costumed girls. Unfortunately the party was short (2 hours) so I was short on time. I hadn't jerked off for several days, took Zinc tablets, and a sex pill while wearing a cock ring to enhance my pleasure to the max. I started out grinding up against this chubby Latina in a pirate costume as "warm-up".

Some of her friends noticed me being close to her and were whispering to here, and she shifted positions out of the way. I had a bunch of gropes that weren't worth much mentioning (you know by now I have standards for my stories so I don't care for explaining every detail, but the highlights).

The DJ was explaining that the party was nearly over and while I was precumming I hadn't busted a nut yet, and with all the trouble it took to get to the damn party with no car I was making sure I got my money's worth. I pushed deep into the crowd towards the center, following this fine ass white girl dressed as a sexy angel. I nearly lost her and stepped in front of a guy that was behind her to get close to her. I was wearing a cape in my Halloween costume so I had coverage even with my dick out. When she finally met up with her friend she stopped short and I bumped into dick first, plunging my head into her cheeks. She was bopping and rocking back and forth to the music, and I felt my self ready to explode on her ass. I knew it was going to be a lot so I aimed my camera, which was a good choice since I unloaded at least five or six thick ropes of cum, with 2-3 spurting all the way across her upper back and another 3 streamed across her amazing ass.

Her dress was black and with all of the cum on her back it was obvious in the dim lighting. You could see the glistening loads from a mile away, and all the while she was completely oblivious...or maybe she was giving in the lusty desires of what she was presenting herself ass that night.

Now that I have a pretty good quality camera, I just need a car to get out and do shit. Got an anime convention coming up, but it depends how crowded it will be. The most I might be able to come up with is a few upskirts, but it'd be amazing to be able to cum on some cosplay chick though, not gonna lie.

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