trapped school girl

I was on the district line coming from Wimbledon and kept getting of and on at different stations akong the line.

At one station I spotted a school girl. Almost immediately I began sweating and breathing heavily as I have weakness for school girls.

When the busy tube came in it was jam packed I waited for the school girl to enter then jumped in right behind her.Immediatly I licked my tongue through her hair. Then I shoved my hips foreward ramming my cock into her crack. Sweat was all over my face now. I grabbed the rails and used them to force myself on her.

She started commented under her breathe "I can't breathe". This turned me on and I decided to try and crush the young white whore.

None of the passengers said a word. In a jam packed tube chikan is king haha.

I Palmer the white whores arse then spat in her hair leaving spit mark.i felt the power of god run through me. When i got of next stop she was sulking haha. Stupid whore.

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