Happened to me only once. Long time ago, under my coat, i had an erection in anticipation of the arriving train and lots of good looking girls on the platform. As I got on the train, most of the girls kind of escaped by dispersing to all over the car as the car was kind of empty. Only 2 remained who were very close to me and had grabbed the same pole.. One was tall, mixed, and not very good looking. If I had no choice, she would be good enough.In reality, all women are good enough! The other was shorter and way hotter, but would require more work.

When the train filled up at the next station, I got behind hotter one, put my bag on the floor, bent my knees, and slowly initiated. As I'm doing that, I feel something sharp on my hands, like a pinch. I look up at my hand on the pole and see her nails stabbing my hand, and she is staring at me with anger. WTF. I moved my hand, continued my work, and ignored her.

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