I had an experience three years ago somewhat similar to the one placebo rules describes, but in my case, the rivalry between women worked in my favour. To put it briefly, I was on a bus in September, 2015, trying to hump the backside of a middle aged woman who was wearing light blue scrubs. After a little while, she moved away from me, signaling that she was not interested. When she did that, another woman of about the same age, who somehow knew what I wanted, moved to get in front of me. When the first woman saw that she had competition, she suddenly became willing, and returned to me. I then masturbated on her posterior and came. She became what might be called a regular. I humped her two more times last year, when I also identified her via social media. Two weeks ago, I had an October surprise, when I read her obituary in the newspaper. She was only 47 when she died.

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