Hey fellow chikans:

Have you ever experienced this kind of weird shit that I'm going to tell you? It happened to me last week and it was my first time. I was in the subway and rubbed against a 22 year old woman, brown skin, black hair, glasses, ugly (I'll give her a 4). Well she didn't dislike it, quite the opposite. Worked her like 5 to 7 minutes. But soon a really hot chick got in the train, nice round tits (32B) and I immediately abandoned the ugly one and started working this cute babe(a solid 9), she was a 19 year old brunette.

Well we were crammed like fucking sardines and this cute chick was game. So much that I started groping her tits! But suddenly I turned back and saw the ugly bitch I was working prior and she was pissed!!! Well at first I didn't give a shit but this cunt kept staring at me so I turned back at her and she didn't look away when I stared back at her. She even got angrier! The fucking bitch was jealous, can you believe this shit? Well I didn't care and kept chikaning the cute one, rubbing my bare dick on her ass (not great though but she made it up with her perky tits and beauty!) and groping her tits. When suddenly the ugly bitch taps the cute chick's shoulder. Immediately I realized her fucking intentions and turned back. The cute babe ignored the ugly bitch at first, but this fucking cunt tapped her shoulder again, and spoke (not screaming) but loudly that I was rubbing against her. I was facing to her opposite site and decided to just ignore her and thankfully the rest of the passengers did so too (no fucking heroes this time!). The cute girl didn't reply or at most said a couple of words to the hideous bitch and the ugly bitch said this guy is just pretending like nothing happened. Fortunately she stopped bitching and in the next station I was able to get out. This is no small shit, on the subway there have been plenty of arrests of other chikans and also there are criminal bands who extort us.

Well anyway, as I said this was the first time that a problem like this has happened to me. A fucking scene (that could've escalated to a fucking huge problem) created by a consenting woman who got jealous that I went to chikan a cuter and hotter one... Freaky shit!!! Has this situation happened to you guys, if so please comment.


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