attacking white office whores on central line

A few days ago I took a steriod injection early morning. I then took a viagra pill to give my penis more strenght. I then imagined how nice it would be to anal fuck a hot English office girl. Sweat started pouring down my forehead as I got elevated heart rate.

I like to wear pyjma like trousers that are very loose so the white office girls can feel my cock Ohhh Hi fuck.

Then I headed to bank where the central line is. My targets are the English office whores. The platforms are always crowded I immediately hunt for a an office whore.

When i find the office whore I get so excited the arse the long legs, the smell of her hair and neck. When the tube comes o immediately jump in behind and trap her then begin having anal sex with her. I feel these dirty bitches stiffen up when they feel my cock. I sometimes whisper in there ears whores whores and breath heavily lol.

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