Same route (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

On the topic of same route, i did have an embarrassment a couple of times. Both times it happened in the same week. I was working for a consulting firm and was sent to a new client. One of the guys in the office recognized me. And he told me 3 times that he saw me that day. Ok so that morning was a good one for me on the train. it was kind of embarrassing. In those days, I was aggressive and didn't really care who was looking. This incident persuaded me to be more discreet. NY is big, but not that big I guess. The next day i went to college reunion. The college employee, some young woman met and greeted me, and got to know me-basically to see how much money i would donate to the college. The following day, on the same line where the guy in the office saw me, i was in the middle of, er some buns. Feels good to say that. Suddenly, I felt like someone is staring at me. Then I looked to the side and there she was, the woman from the college, staring at me as I was glued behind a blonde in a not so crowded train. These days, I just position myself and my regulars get to work. There are cameras in the train, so LE can see i don't force myself on anyone. I've been saying this for 10+ years that half the women are into this hobby. But they have to be attracted to you, and more importantly, they have to feel safe. Men are "perverts" and most of them take after their fathers, in my opinion.

As for London, how far north should i get a hotel to get to work a little before 9am? The ride will be to the area near Lincoln's Inn.

Also, i really want to work on my game. Where are bars/places where I can try to pick some girls up? Company is paying, so might as well enjoy.

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