Re: EncoxadaGroper - Intro, Short Story and a Question

EncoxadaGroper wrote: "So my question is: what do you guys think of a girl standing completely still at a concert? Good sign because she doesnt react? Or bad sign because: one she isn't doing the work for you, and two because it makes it obvious."

First of all, let me say welcome to the board! Looking forward to more from you. I take by your handle that maybe you might be Brazilian? The Brazilians are great in both MMA fighting AND chikan LOL! Oh, and those garotas do fuck the absolute best, especially when it comes to anal sex hehehe!

But anyway, as to your question, it really all just depends. Generally speaking, first the crowd dynamics is going to have something to do with it. If she's standing still just because it's so crushed, then that's not a "bad sign" at all. It's simply a function of the crowd. And if it's that packed, then what you're doing won't be obvious.

But even if that isn't the situation, it still may not be bad. If you go back and read some of my old stories, you will read about how I described a girl going from moving and jumping and dancing to standing perfectly still (when she could have kept moving). But, it was like she was liking the contact and was letting me mount her . . . like you see the bull mount the cow in the field!

So, it just all really kind of depends. Sorry, but there is no one clear answer. It could be the crowd. Maybe it's a signal "keep going" . . . "hump me" . . . I remember one blonde who stopped moving so much because it was easier for me to really get up in her crotch from behind so that we could rub off against one another.

It all just depends dude. You just gotta be able to accurately read the situation is all. Easier said than done for somebody without the experience I guess. Because it could also be that she doesn't like it and/or is uncomfortable (thus she keeps looking back to see if that's your dick!). So you better be reading her right or else! LOL!

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