Intro, Short Story, and a Question (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Hey all,

Long time reader, first time posting.

Here is my xhamster for anyone interested:

I've been doing groping and chikan ever since I was around 11. I would do just go for grabs and feels in the hallway in between classes or at school events, using tactics I read from here. I started going to concerts by myself in the past few years (I'm in my early 20s now) and realized how much better it is lol. That's just a short intro on me.

Just had a concert yesterday where I was all up on these two teen girls. The one on the right was an extremely pretty brunette but had a smaller ass. She was dancing actively so I went on her first, but she eventually kept looking back and down trying to see if I had my dick out I guess (I did lol). She didn't react to initial tests but shit happens I guess.

So I moved onto her friend, who had a bigger ass in jeans but was standing still with her arms crossed the whole night. She ended up not reacting to anything, but her friend would still occassionally look back at me and say something to my target (fuck). I felt like I could've taken my time with the girl on the left but it felt obvious to be rubbing on someone standing so still (and it wasnt an edm concert so there wasnt a chaotic crowd to cover me, just a regular tight one).

I still ended up blasting a massive load on her ass (I can give more details on this story and my many others if people want), but I wish I couldve taken my time on her more.

So my question is: what do you guys think of a girl standing completely still at a concert? Good sign because she doesnt react? Or bad sign because: one she isnt doing the work for you, and two because it makes it obvious (especially with a cockblocking friend).

I'll be uploading the videos from this concert in the next few days. Unfortunately my night vision camera stopped recording halfway through, so I only have the footage of me groping the girl on the right for about 20min.

It's upsetting because her ass was literally soaked when i was done with her lol. I normally only get like 25% on the girl and point the rest towards the floor since I'm nervous of it being too obvious (my loads are not small), but this time I just got ALL of it on her ass. It looked like someone just poured a whole glass of water on the center of her ass (I left right after since I get nervous about staying after finishing, is there any safety in sticking around for more? Maybe I'll try for two in a row next time...and make sure my camera doesnt stop.)

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