It’s funny you ask me that specific question. Within this elevated success rate I’ve been experiencing, I had these two milfs who looked like sisters on public transport. White, lookin got at least 35/40 but extremely thick. Like, extremely - the booty on these two women were extremely WIDE.

I wanted the bigger ass, but first, due to how crammed it was I could only get on the lesser thick one - which was by no means unsatisfying. She made no refusal, just sit it right in my glancing every now and then. Staying in conversation with her sister who was face to face with us both.

After some time I saw opportunity to walk over to the opposite site and press up against the sister. I was SO on her. Back on my chest, wide, wide booty all over my lap. I was throbbing, leaking, everything.

Now, I kid you not, she starting bouncing UP AND DOWN ON MY DICK. I couldn’t believe it. I then here her sister say ‘careful, there’s a man behind you’. She responds, ‘IT WOULDNT BE THE FIRST TIME’. LMFAO. She stayed bouncing in my lap for about a 30 seconds stop. I was just sliding up and down that crack.

I’m sure we all have a few in our catalogue like this, but id say this was my most outrageous Lmao.

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