LMAO. Awesome scenario it reminds of one I had at a concert a few years ago - very similar.

I was on this white girl who was with her man. I had been grinding on her trying my best to be secretive, but I quickly realised she was into it. She would guests her hips and do that side glance thing you talk about, but I was sure her man knew. He would very slightly glance at her waist every now and then, and suddenly became very silent and sorta had a frustrated facial expression from 20 mins onwards of the concert.

At one point, I took it out and put it on her then thrusted in, wedging my dick in her crack. She paused, I guess she was shocked, she sorta looked down, her man, noticing her behaviour looked at her waist. But when she saw him look down she quickly said something to him, DISTRACTING him then thrusted hard in to my lap gyrating her booty up and down Lmao.

He repeatedly at different point motioned her infront of him but she said no LOL.

About an hour and a half in to the concert the man had still been very silent and disinterested, but I think he finally became very sure what I was doing as at this point I had been basically balls deep in that ass and he forced her infront of him.

I have a quite a few stories like this like I’m sure we all do. These women tend to do anything for the dick, almost makes me question my own woman lmao.

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