Re: Guest

That white girl ass is phenomenal, God bless leggings! Don't know what happened over the course of a generation, but whatever the Hell they're putting in Starbucks is making these white girls have such nice asses!

My convention didn't go as planned, was hoping to get a lot of upskirts with all the short skirt cosplays. Unfortunately I think girls are getting hip to it since most had shorts under their skirts. I did get some brief gropes in with one awesome experience with a player.

I was waiting in line behind this thick white girl in leggings, and adjusted myself and positioned my cock in her crack through my pants. Didn't want to pull it out since staff were nearby, but the line was moving so slowly that I couldn't pass up some opportunity being behind an ass like that.

Whenever I poked at her she would give me a side glance, so she knew exactly what I was up to standing so close to her yet didn't bother moving. Her boyfriend was there next to her and was having conversation with her completely oblivious to the fact his girl was being groped in front of his own eyes. She kept it cool, acting like nothing happened and the moment I realized she was a player was when she sent her boyfriend off to go look at something to give us "alone time".

She would point at some merchandise and tell him to go check it out while she waited in line, and once he went off she'd give a side glance to let me know to go to work. Once she even rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder while sticking her ass out for me to enjoy while he was distracted!

The climax of that situation which nearly made me blow my load was when she dropped something on the floor and bent over to pick it up while I was groping her, backing her ass up on me with all her weight. I sunk deep in her cheeks as she wiggled back and forth, fumbling to pick up her stuff on the floor. Had it lasted a few more seconds I'd have cum in my pants right there, which is impressive seeing as how I was wearing thicker jeans, but the sensation was just as great as if I'd had worn sweatpants.

Good news is I still have a Halloween party this month (tons of slutty, drunken costumed girls to grope and upskirt) and another convention in a few weeks. I plan on ordering a new camera for my vids. It'll be tough to work around since it's bigger than the ones I'm used to using, but upskirting in 1080P/60 FPS is too great to pass up! I want to see every pixel of a girl's ass when I record!

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