Today I had the same MILF I recently wrote about. Man, this woman wants it so much. When it wasn’t crowded, I kept noticing a woman staring at me from the corner of my eye but I ignored it as a ‘looky-loo’ - as chikans we all have these sorta instincts regarding people that could be keeping an eye on us.

But as it got crowded, she inched in front of me. THEN, I recognised her LMAO. I knew she wanted it, when somebody moved her out of position initially, she angrily ‘tutted’ at her, then forced her thigh in-between my legs, right on the dick. I wasn’t directly behind her I was at that angle where you’re more on hip then ass.

She kept moving it about in-between my legs and the movement was so delicious. I could hear her ‘sighing’. When space opened up she turned and placed that ass right in my lap. She backed it all the way into me and moved her back onto my chest. I could see her facial expressions and I noticed her repeatedly biting her lip as if to hold back moans.

I started making it throb and again, like last time, when I did that she would move that booty up and down as if to stroke my dick with her ass. Man, this woman is so horny for the dick she must not have been fucked all year. Next time I get her I’mma hope to leave a stain on her.

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