Re: cumming on girls

I'll just say this and then move on: the only difference between cumming on them or cumming in your pants is the obvious. But if you get caught doing either it's almost the same outcome. I choose to only take the chance in tight spaces, only when I'm sure they are either working with me or oblivious to what I'm up to. I've had only one issue in 4 decades of this game when it came to cumming on a target, and that I was able to get out of, having learned from my mistake which was a careless one. I go out wit the intent on doing this about twice a year (well, really however many times during two 2 day festivals) and then I'm done. With those few tries I'll take my chances, realizing it only takes one stupid mistake to get in real trouble. I don't recommend trying what I do if you're new to this, and even if you are it's up to you to risk it.

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