Re: Black Shogun

Your recollection is correct Shogun. But she was not the only one that has said such. As I said before, I actually did research on that subject. And just like you get a player now and then, you can stumble on a target that has no problem with our practice. Just like the girl I described last month. What I'm trying to convey is there are girls out there that have had this done to them before and it's not such a big deal. There are girls that are repulsed by even the sight of cum: I had one such gf years ago that would let me fuck her forever, whenever. But one such time I wanted to cum in her, and you'd have though I shit on her! (Some freaks probably wouldn't mine that, but I'll never know). Another girl from years ago let me cum on her countless times. Now I know these are girls that I knew so it's different from a stranger. But I've had strange girls touch my member as I rubbed it on them, then knowing I'd was significantly aroused let me cum on there backsides, bare thighs, etc. I'm just saying there are those out there if you're lucky, that don't mind a little cum.

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