Re: allrounder

Your comment about not imagining a woman enjoying a stranger ejaculating on them is where your experience and others' realities as chikans differ. I've had plenty of freaks know what's coming and bring it on. Hell, my story last month about the Asian target was just the most recent one. In case you didn't read it, I had my Johnson out bare, rubbingvit on her bare thigh, and even trying to move her hand down to wear she'd have to touch it. I even positioned it in her ass so she'd know what was up. She didn't actually touch it with her hand, but when I came she knew it. She knew I had exploded all over her backside, and even then, when I was satisfied and pulled away she backed into me again for more. I've had them like this plenty of times. Had one once touch the head of it then position her thigh so I could continue what I had been trying to do. I came on her, winked, then turned and left.

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