re shameful chickan

My 2nd year in college a bus ride back home from a part-time work interview. This was at around 5:30-6pm a nice milf wearing thin material trouser rub passed me because i wouldn't move to make space. Body slide was so intense even though she rubbed with her back and that lovely butt. I was tasting us deep french kissing and i could feel her breast ever gently bounce with the bus's movement and the size of them breasts.

This part is what my friend once told me. In a tube train during a visit in London. He literally took his dong out and had it glued to a hot office woman for full 2 minutes. As soon he 1st touched her with bare dick, she got uncomfortable and tried to adjust her purse from her side to the back. Her fingers touched his bare dick. She moved 6 inches forward to detach from it and he moved up again right away but this time dick underneath his shirt. She got off as soon it came next stop

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