I've had a very elevated success level these last couple weeks - in like 3 weeks only a handful of women have not been game.

Like this morning, on transit I had this hot MILF, very very attractive, and within seconds of me putting it on her (in sweatpants) she started basically stroking her crack up and down my dick. I think it was coincidental, but I realised it wasnt! Literally, every 5-10 seconds she would sit it upwards and onto me hard, hold it there, then 5-10 seconds later bring her booty down towards my head and repeat. It was driving me crazy and I was leaking all over. I would make it throb on her and she would respond by timing her movements as I throbbed and pulsated, God it was too much.

When it was time to get off after somtime as it reached a stop people depart from alot, she pressed her whole body on to me - I could feel her thighs on mine her calfs on mine, her back on my chest.

Before that, I had this white teenager holding a pole and ofcourse, I had to rest my dick on her and lord, this woman would press her fist into my lap (out under my T shirt) while I rubbed against her. She would look at the pole while conversing with her sister/mother like nothing is going on. I looked down and she had her thumb clenched in a way that made it knock against my head whenever I moved.

The other day, I kid you not, 'I' was chikaned LMAO. I've been wearing these grey sweatpants that show my bulge whether I'm hard or not, and it gets alot of stares/gawks etc (same i wore in the other post). I entered this transit, but saw no opportunites, but in the last few seconds turned around and held onto a pole (but this one is overhead). A teenager (18/19) looked me in the eye, turning around, and held onto the overhead pole putting her right infront of me and that gorgeous booty smack bang into my lap.

It was NOT packed enough to chikan her but sure I did LMAO. It was well crowded, but there was a slight gap on my left meaning those on the regular pole could sorta see - and she couldve moved there if she didnt want this dick.

But no, she just rode it. I was on her so tightly that I'm sure you chikans know that feeling when the ass youre in moves and you don't but your dick does because its in her crack so deep. Like she would jostle left and right and my dick would too because her crack had buried me so well. I could feel her just sitting on me when she didnt need to be. Whhen she got off I could feel her glancing at me but I ignored eye contact.

Man oh man. Then there was also this other woman, quite short, but the ass was insane. She had to be like 18, the booty was seriously one of the biggest I'd seen in person. But this was different as I was infront of her and couldnt get behind her at first, so what did I do? I pressed onto her inner thigh and she didnt even flinch. Her arms were also holding a pole directly to my right, so it was almost like we were cuddling lmao, her thigh was inbetween me legs and her arms sort on my abdomen, and I could feel her inching her thigh harder onto me while I throbbed etc. She was fully game.

After a shift, I could get sorta behind her but not entirely, I was more on her the side of her hip then ass, but ofcourse she never flinched, just sorta glanced at me once then back forward while slightly adjusting the position of the booty on me.

Man oh man, who said winter is bad for chikans? This shit is amazing. Thank God it's not actually cold here yet tho so no real jackets, still leggings, jeans and skirts.

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