Last week I was shocked to hear such boldness from a friend of a woman I was chikaning LMAO.

I had been in between this MILFs cheeks smashing my boner into her and rubbijng in between her, she’d Be bending over to get something from her bag and all sorts, showing no distaste to placing her booty square in between my thighs.

At one point. I heard her friend loudly say, “I wish I was in your position” LOL. In my head I was shocked but I pretended I didn’t hear as I had earphones in. After some time, there was a large shift in the crowd and a gap opened u. My bulge was visible in my sweatpants and her friend immediately looked in between my legs as the gap opened (Almost like she was waiting to get a look) and her eyes went wide while she said “his dick is massive” showing absolutely no attempt to be secretive.

Has anybody else overhead their ‘players’ or ‘victims’ loudly talk about their dick? Lmao I’ve had moans etc before and I think we discussed it on ayashi (ironically last week I heard a woman with a donkey I was all in between say “oh my gosh” in a VERY flustered way) before pushing hard onto me. But, hearing them talk so loudly about wanting it was I think a first for me. I’d love to hear others’ experiences

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