Re: Shameful chikan

Thinking back to what was my very first chikaning actually started in grade school, and was repressed until after college. During mass in the church of my catholic school a hot Spanish girl was exiting the pews. I have long legs so I got up to let her slide past me. When you got in front I put my pelvis out to rub up all against her skirt and booty.

Another time was when I used to carpool home in a van from school. I had this huge crush on this girl who was an 8th grader, a few grades older than mine and extremely developed with tits far too big for the button up shirt she had to wear. She had a younger sister and one day I was sitting in the back seat to the left, with a space in the middle. When her sister was about to get in she asked me to move to the middle so she could get in the left side. I shifted to the middle and as soon as she got in the car I quickly shifted back so she instead of getting on the car seat she got on my lap.

She asked me to move over at one point, but I pretended that I couldn't move over and had her bouncing on my dick the whole ride home. I was totally zoned out, staring at her sister's tits who was in the passenger seat while imagining it was her on my lap instead.

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