I just came home from a concert and it was so amazing, this big booty ite teen was wearing see through black leggings like those in the picture attached.

She bounced that booty in my lap both dick out and when it was in my joggers. I rubbed my dick along her booty and along her crack, I smashed it into her, and so grabbed handfuls of her soft booty and that bit at the bottom of the craxk where the cheeks meet, man oh man, all she ever did was smile at me from the side of her. She just either didn’t care or wanted it man. Her friend actually tried to get some at one point Lmao after smiling at me (I think the one I was on may have said something) but I moved straight back to miss see through leggings her friend was in jeans! I was like hell no I ain’t giving up this for that Lmao.

Shortly after another chikan ended up on her and she just took it without saying anything. At the end of the concert, let’s just say there were stains on miss’ see through leggings. She touched it, then moved her side bag to cover it, and half turned around smiling at me repeatedly. These women make my heart soft! That was all the confirmation I needed. Turns me on so fucking much have these women lustfully looking at you after they’ve been riding your dick all night. Especially in leggings but like these where they can really feel you in their crack.

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