Wife got it again yesterday

Been waiting for the chance to write this story but my wife got fucked again yesterday and she sure the guy precum on her!!!!

So she pretty much wears the same thing a skirt suit but the skirt is really figure hugging tight so you can see the beautiful curvature of her tights and bum. It’s lycra blue bodycon. Exactly the same skirt as last time.

She told me and these are her words:

I got molested on the train again today. It was a different person to last time. I asked what he looked like- he was black and looked African must have been in his 40s. She saw he was wearing pyjama looking trousers and had a long coat on which she thought was odd- the weather has dropped but it’s not full coat weather yet.

She said boarded the train and it was very busy. She was the last person to get on. She said she regretted her decision instantly and isn’t sure why she didn’t wait for the next one. Anyway as she got on just before the doors shut Mr African got on and shoe horned her further in. She said she knew exactly what was coming as she could feel his penis already erred this fully aroused against her. And that he pushed her further into the train but with his groin rather than with his torso - which she said was unnatural. From there on in she tried to try and turn but she said he opens his legs wide so she was pretty much slitting in his lap between his thighs and this made it impossible to turn. I asked iehat happened- she just said he kept thrusting his massive boner up my bum. I asked if he had a full erection. She said I could feel the whole thing through my skirt, his dick was really big and he kept pushing deep and pulling back then thrusting again. She said he must have know he had her as he got harder and was pushing so deep she was pushing the people in front of her forward. I asked her how she felt at the time and she said- I felt worthless, I felt like I was being used it was disgusting his dick was really thick and hard. She continued - when we got to the next stop and no one got off I think he coipd keep going and that I won’t say anything. I could feel him ajusting himself down there as his dock was now lashing about- he definitely has it exposed she said as she could feel the sensation of him on her. She said he just continued to force it on her. But that he now had his hands down by his side was resting them against her things. She said she got annoyed by him trying to touch her up and she tried to wiggle free. She said she could sense he got angry by this and so he forced his erecting Up her really hard and that he bug his fucking finger nail into her thigh. she said he really hurt her and she felt helpless and terrified that he was becoming aggressive. She said he continued bumping her with full force and that he kept his hand firmly into her but not his nail. She said she felt wet on bum and that after tar he backed off. As they approached the next stop she got abs he did too. She tried to walk fast to get away but he followed her to the escalator and that he stood directly behind her. She felt him keep touching her bum all the way up to the top of stairs. As the crowd exited the station slowly, She felt Someone by one into her abs she turned around it was him again. She said she looked directly at him but he pretty much just laughed at her as she walked on.

She said she got to work and felt her bum and it was wet all over. There was actually a wet stain. She went to the toilet and washexit a little down and had to wrap her cardigan around her to hide the wetness until it dried.

She said she couldn’t shake the feeling of him on her abs was really upset. I asked why she didn’t say anything after last time and she just said she felt so powerless like he had her and she couldn’t do a thing. She said the worse part was him digg My his nail into her it made her feel so small and shit.

I pretended to be on her side but I loved every minute of it. I asked if she will rid her shirt and she asked me what I thought- I said no and that the skirt wasn’t the issue it must be that you look pretty and have an innocent face so they target you - although deep she. I know the skirt is half the reason- I can’t trll you how sexy it is she has an amazing bum and it’s so tweird got it clings to her like clingfilm. We agreed to have it dry cleaned.

I swear this story is true 100% and it kind of killed me knowing she got so roughed up but she chooses to work in central London. I’ve told her to quit but she said she like working in the city and like the buzz and the fact she can drink after work etc. So it’s her fault anyway.

She has had men squash against her since my last sorry but I don’t bother telling as they are not major stories just that she can feel them but they don’t do much. It’s nearly a daily thing in the morning rush.

We stayed in a hotel a few week ago this is them same skirt but a black version of it that she has. The blue version is exactly the same just blue. She switches between both when she works and sometimes trousers. She skirts are so tight and sexy.

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