Pulled down leggings story

Ok so here is the story that I promised a couple of weeks ago. I written it in spanish and translated it with google and corrected a couple of things. However, I can see that there are several sentences translated incorrectly, but I leave them as they are because I do not know how to write it better. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

This story is about three years old if I'm not mistaken (December 2015). It was during a recital of a relatively well-known band in Argentina (Airbag) that it attracts a majority of teen audiences. A few months before I met a partner with the same hobby and decided to go to this concert together to try cover each other. Of the two, I was the one who had more experience, he had never been able to bust a nut during a concert, and by then I already had several experiences of that style despite being on the short side of the twenties. To describe briefly what was the atmosphere of the concert: the band style was punk pop like Green Day so the crowd is moving a lot and there is a female-male ratio of 8 to 2 approximately. That day was particularly hot so thin clothes (shorts and leggings) were the most abundat atttires.
Inside the concert the amount of people was amazing and we got to almost reach the front and we were completely surrounded by teens. When the concert started, the idea was to cover my friend first so that he could bust his nut and then he would cover me. As he was not so experienced he grabbed the first one that was close in shorts (a pretty brunette by the way) and after about ten minutes he had already done his part haha, so I started looking for a girl for me. Despite being surrounded, there was no one that I particularly liked, because they were all wearing jeans shorts, and while you can touch their legs, you can not feel her ass at all. The good thing about this concert is that there was a constant movement, so the people arounf was always changing and in a moment a beautiful blonde teen in red leggings appeared before me. After doing all the test touches I'm ready to chikan her, but she just turns around and asks if I could get her up on my shoulders, which I did while I was adjusting my shorts because I was already with my prick out haha. After a song (in which I touch her legs without any kind of restraint) i put her down in the floor again right in front of me. Right there my friend, who was ahead of me, tells me that he almost had a stroke having her ass in front of his face for almost five minutes. At this moment I try again touching her lightly and again she does not react and after that I started to grab one of her cheeks, which was not very difficult given the movement of the recital. At this time I had already my cock out and was chikaning her really hard, taking advantage of the fact that she did not say anything and with the movement we had arrived near the bars, we had practically no place to move. Taking advantage of her lack of reaction, I started doing more risky things. The first thing, with the movement of the recital, I started to pull up her leggings to make a wedgie, and after less than a minute she had her asscheeks split in two with the leggings, which I took advantage of during a good time of the concert. Now at this moment imagine that you have a teen before you that doesn't say anythinhg as you grab her ass and sink your dick into her asshole without any restraing. At that time one does not think clearly and only wants more. In that moment I was totally excited and I only thought about how i was to finish because I couldn't endure it anymore. Then it occurred to me to do the opposite of what I was doing a few minutes ago: see if I could pull her leggings down. Now, pulling down her leggings is much harder than pulling it up, because the fabric pressed against her body puts more resistance. So I began to grab a little bit of the top of her leggings right where his waist is and I start to pull slowly. After a couple of minutes of work I could see a bit of her thong and nothing else so I decided to give up. A few minutes later in a very a song where everyone jumped I decided to try one more time and between the jumps and with a very strong pull I managed to lower it until it only covered half of her asscheeks. It was a beautiful sight, her two asscheeks in sight with a little black thong and the leggings lifting up her ass. At the same moment she put a hand behind her and fits her leggins, but there is still a bit of her ass in sight. At that time, while evertyone was jumping and pushing I furiously masturbated until I was about to cum and I pulled down again her leggings and immediately placed my dick deep between wer bare crack and nutted with the head of my dick deep in her bare ass. The song was over and I was still inside her, it should not have lasted even a minute. During the last seconds she pushes me backwards while she adjusted her leggings, but the only thing she achieded is that I was getting deeper with LMAO. At that moment I look at my partner and we leave the place. I cannot believe what I did and to this day I think it's the best nut that I had as a chikan. I think that one of the reasons that I could do this was because I was with someone else covering one side so I didn't have to worry about hiding from someone else.
I also have a short video (a couple of seconds, because in that moment i didn't have an IR camera) when I start to chikan her:


And also for those that speak spanish, here is the story as I writed originally.


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