Concert experience

I had an amazing experience at a concert in Dortmund's Westfalenhalle this summer. I don't normally seek out groping experiences, but was presented with one I simply couldn't let go.

The concert hall was jam packed and people started pushing and shoving even before the first act had come on stage. I was wedged behind this guy with his girlfriend who was about 20 years old. I heard this girl complaining that she couldn't see the stage, at which point he offered to lift her up and have her sit on his shoulders. She agreed to this. So I am still behind this guy, but am looking straight at her cute German ass.

Even better, she wasn't wearing jeans or some shit, but quite a short pleated skirt. I got the quickest erection in humanity.

The first thing I did was simply push my face against her skirt. This was completely safe because of the general pushing. I pushed my nose deep into her skirt and smelt her. I was in heaven and thought I was going to cum there and then. Also, she was getting used to having something pushed against her arse, which helped.

I then slowly lifed up my right arm and carefully slid my hand under her skirt, letting it rest on her soft panties. She didn't notice a thing. Now I started getting inventive. I really wanted to have my face on her panties, but knew I might well be seen. So I put some nail clippers in my mouth and rested my face against her arse again. Every time there was a surge in the crowd I started to cut away at the cloth of her skirt, leaving dozens of little holes. I put the nail clippers back into my pocket and simply started biting away at her skirt making the holes a little bigger.

When Ed Sheeran came on there was the mother of all urges and I simply ripped open the back of her skirt, leaving a massive hole for me to rest my nose on. Fortunately her panties were black, as was her skirt, so nobody noticed.

I pressed my nose deep on her panties and smelt her arsehole. It was divine.

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