Nina - Introduction

Amazing story Guestz! Must of been exciting nutting on their asses.

So this is a story I've wanted to tell since I started posting here. This person I will discuss is someone I fell in love with in my junior and senior year of highschool. The reason I refrained from posting about her is I want to grow my writing skills so I can Express my experiences with her the best I could. But I realize I should post about her while I'm feeling this passion.

This is a story about an Asian woman named Nina, Fabby was the precursor and introduction to groping for me, Nina is the jar of memories of the best grope encounters I've ever had in my life and will probably never be surpassed. I want to take a day to format and write out the stories. I also do have candid pictures of her that I took of her while cleaning our school.

I will try to Express all of my stories, this is ambitious for me so if you are even slightly interested stay tuned. These are pictures of her during high school I saved on an SD card. I got these pics from her Facebook account at the time. I still get horny looking at her. She was my ideal woman, I'll explain everything about her and my attraction towards this individual soon.

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