Bonanza Finale

Okay guys, I’ll admit that I was so tired after working for those two great nutts on day 1 that I considered not going the second day. Looking back now I realize it would have been a huge mistake. I decided to rest up and just go later in the day
When I did get there, as soon as I got in I snapped the picture of the black girl with her white freind. I circled around after taking that shot from behind and groped the sisters thighs. They were so effin smooth I couldn’t believe it! She had them “greased” with some type of lotion that made them shine like a new penny, and I had to touch them. I was wishing she would go straight to a stage so I could rub my member on them, but she and her friend went to a concession stand to get drinks.
I made my way into the crowds so I could eventually be as close to the stage as possible for the headliner. Remember I got there later in the day so I had to be strategic about my moves.
Well it was harder getting to where I wanted to be than I though. The crowds for this festival are different than in years past. People get there hours before and just don’t really move much. You get some in the crowd that just can’t take it anymore and leave, which opens up some space, but that’s not much.
I finally started working some targets after about 30 minutes. There was a lot of skin at this festival, so it wasn’t long before I had it out and rubbing it on bare thighs. But I was getting jumpier targets today, so I had to keep switching. I had a white girl that was perfect, but she was with a shorter bubble butt black girl that finally won my attention. She bounced my shit like there was no tomorrow for at least 30 minutes, then all of a sudden she starts talking about my prong to her white friend. At first I ignored it, so she really beat it up, I guess trying to make me cum so I’d move on. I didn’t let her. I backed off and just took a break.
I moved over about 20 minutes later to so white thighs. Had a little more luck with her and a few of her friends. But soon they got hip to what I was doing and giggled and kept an eye on me. But all while this was going on there was an shorter Asian girl right behind me that kept bumping up against me, saying “sorry” every time. At first I just dismissed it, but then I started reaching back to see what she was all about. DAMN! The girl was short, but had great thighs and an extremely deep tan! She was wearing the type of shorts that are real loose and thin, that went up real hide on the sides. Heaven. I figured I would let her get in front of me and she would be my final nutt for the day.
My plan worked, and was one of the best moves I ever made! As soon as I started nudging her with my tool, she responded. That’s when I realized she was all-along hoping in got on her. Her constantly bumping me from behind was her way of letting me know she was available. I believe she saw me working the girls long before I got on her. So when I finally made my move on her it was a go. Five minutes into it she threw her head back against my chest with her eyes closed and started moaning, which made me intensify my grinding. Before long I was bending at the knees and going all up in her, since she was so short. Since she was wearing those easy-access shorts, I started getting real nasty with her: reached around with both hands bent down and grabbed the inside of both her legs, inside and above her knees, and slowly went up until I reached her groin-area! This shit got real! I was rocking her back-and-forth across my lap, with my Dick buried in between, then across each buttock. It got so disruptive that she had to ask me to back up-seems I was rocking the girl in front of her! I was fully groping her smooth thighs at will, then reaching around and squeezing her cheeks as hard as I could. She was openly saying stuff like “ohhh that feels sooo good”. She said it more than once, so I got even nastier. I turned her body sideways and held my tool against her, shoving it under the side of her shorts. At this point I wanted her to look at my dick. That’s the only thing she resisted. She turned back forward, so I bent my knees and aimed it right in her ass, then dragged her body from side to side. This was going-on for 25 minutes when I decided to let her have it. I backed up just enough to give me room, and I just started jerking it, doing so so she could feel me and know for sure what was getting ready to happen. Did it for maybe 25 seconds, then when I knew it was coming I grabbed her again by the groin and pulled her deep into me, busting my nutt, which was completely bare and in her ass. I touched the head of it while I was still cumming and rubbed some on the side of her thigh, moaning and telling her how good it was right in her damn ear. Once I finish I backed off of her, but of course she found the dick and tried to continue our ritual, but she’s taken it all and I was done. I squeezed her ass again in kinda a “thank you” gesture. At that moment a couple was pushing past us trying to get out, so when they passed I used the opportunity to follow them out too. They were making the way through so it was my chance. I finally made it out, headed for my transportation and went home. I guess she’s part of the #metoo# movement now!

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