This years “Bonanza” continued

Fellas, fellas. To finally continue with my story I had to think long and hard. Day one was in my mind unbelievable. I got so much done that day that I felt was incredible, finally nutting on girls legs. But I didn’t leave the scene like I normally do. This time I hung around for the ending of the show. Normally after such a good day I’m so tired that I just don’t go back for the second day. But I wanted to do one more thing before I called it quits that day.
You see, anytime there’s a big headliner, at the end of his show, female fans will crowd the barrier in hopes of an encore or to see if somebody will throw them souvenirs. It’s a given, and you can usually get some really good grinds in at that point if you move quickly. I moved very quickly chikans! I waisted no time pinning any and everything I could against that barriertrying to squeeze out one more nutt. If they resisted I just quickly moved to another. I finally got behind this Indian girl with a cute, plump tush in some really soft material pants. She was with her man, who left her exposed against the railing! I plowed straight into her and was applying tremendous pressure, working up a nutt. I didn’t have much time so as long as she didn’t protest and he didn’t notice what I was doing, I went for it. Just as I heard him tell her “let’s go”, I was beginning to get that ‘can’t turn back now’ feeling. As she tried to pull away I grinned into her real hard, almost pushing her over,which her bf didn’t see because he had turned away to leave, dragging her behind him. She glanced back over her shoulder but that was all.
Now I’m left in a bad way, about to cum but without a cushion to cum against! Thinking quickly I noticed a fine white piece of ass move into Indian girls place, and I immediately almost lates against her! She was at first oblivious to my quick move, so I made fast work and rubbed vigorously against her right buttock. Now I’m pulsating as I shoot my second load against her. Remember I’m in my pj shorts, and without even trying my dick is out, so I’m cumming on this slut. She is now aware that I’m grinding on her, really humping, but it’s too late I didn’t care at this point. I finished as she kinda stood in shock, then I simply turned and walked away, quickly. If she was protesting in any way it didn’t matter. It was so dark and so crowded I just tried to disappear before she could gather her thoughts. That’s the end of day 1.
As for day 2, I did something I’d not done in years: I damn-near fucked an Asian player! It was so bad that the hoes around us were in awe! This girl (the player) was moaning gobblin’ like a turkey, relishing the Dick I was stabbing into her ass! I’ll finish that story later today.

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